Stunning Developments In Gold and Silver in China and India


Earlier in July, Chris Duane of www.don’  and the Silver Bullet Silver Shield report posted the below interesting video on silver. He stated:

“Today, I learned of one of the most stunning developments in the physical silver demand I have ever seen.
The physical Silver market is about to explode the paper silver market in a huge way. Like the price collapse in 2008 set up silver for a 500%+ return for the next few years, this recent price collapse is going to set up an epic return on silver like the world has never seen.”

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The main thrust of the video is the massive increase in silver imports into India this year in response to the India government putting pressure on gold imports into India. Duane points out that the hoard of 1840 tons of silver that India imported in April and May is actually double what has been a record 6 months of sales of silver eagles from the US Mint! You can see the number sin the chart above as well as in the video. The video also covers:

  • How the Opium Wars caused the easts silver hoard to move to Britain.
  • How the silver was then moved to the US during the past 2 world wars.
  • And how ironically the silver stockpiles are now moving back to the east from whence it originally came.

This week Chris has posted a 2nd video looking at the most stunning development in gold.

  • How China is forming the Anti-(US)-hegemony and buying gold to establish a new economic world order
  • The significance of the 1500 tonnes of gold that China has imported this year
  • How he believes physical demand will outstrip the paper prices and so paper prices will increase
  • The massive difference in physical gold delivery between the western COMEX and the Shanghai gold exchange
  • How these stunning developments in gold may be dwarfed by silver.

Both videos are worth a look as they’re not overly long and a good summary of perhaps where the world is at currently.

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