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This Week:

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Hope you’ve managed to enjoy a couple of days off at least and aren’t spending too many minutes worrying about what the markets are doing!

As was always going to be the case, markets in general have seen very light trading volumes in the past week. Perhaps more surprisingly was that the smack down for gold and silver actually came before the Christmas and New Year break (although given we’re only part way through we shouldn’t speak as though we have definitely seen the bottom yet!).

Gold Silver and NZ Dollar Charts

On Friday NZ time gold and silver each took a big hit.  In US dollars silver plunged below $30 an ounce for the first time since August. Gold went as low as US$1630 before heading back up to US$1650. Today they both traded at around these same levels in US dollar terms – US$1659 and US$29.99 per ounce respectively.

However as we mentioned last week could happen, there has been a sharp reversal in the kiwi dollar exchange rate with the NZD/USD cross rate down below .82. See chart below for how fast that drop has occurred from the high of around .84.

NZ Dollar Chart

So while there was a dip down in gold to under NZ$2000 an ounce last Friday to NZ$1980, with the weaker kiwi we are now again back up at NZ$2025 per ounce.

NZD Gold Chart

We can see in the chart the price did briefly dip below the downtrend line that NZD gold broke through in September, but we are back above it currently. So until we break strongly through that the intermediate trend still seems up.  But we are still not too far from the lows in the middle of 2012 either.

Silver in NZ dollars dropped to $35.92 an ounce on Friday. Since then the weaker kiwi has cancelled out some of this move lower, and so today we sit at NZ$36.59. Still down from a week ago though.

NZD Silver Chart

Looking at the chart above we can see silver has just barely touched the downtrend breakout line from September. The RSI overbought/oversold indicator also reached oversold territory. The odds favour a bounce from here, but in this light trading we can’t count out a further fall.

Some Holiday Reading

We’ve managed to post a couple of articles on the website this week, in case you’re in need of some holiday reading.

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Darryl Schoon takes a look at the money printing going on the world over and ponders what we may learn from the last 22 years of Japanese Government borrowing and spending…

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 To be honest we haven’t been following the markets too closely the last week, but from what we’ve seen there hasn’t been a whole lot of news to report. It’s nice to take your eye off the daily machinations once in a while we reckon, so we hope you get the chance to take some time out from the daily grind over the next week or 2.

If you have trouble getting your head around “Commitment of Traders” reports and “open interest”, then this article we read on SeekingAlpha last week might help with understanding how prices are potentially “managed”.

Read More at Source…

Holiday Hours and Products Available

A reminder that Gold Survival Guide is only shut on the statutory holidays, i.e. 25th and 26th December 2012 and the 1st and 2nd January 2013, however there are only limited options to purchase as follow.

For purchase of local products, the only supplier open before 7 January 2013 is NZ Mint, who are open Thursday 27th, Friday 28th December 2012, and the Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th January 2013. Products that NZ Mint offer for sale are the likes of the 1oz gold kiwi coin and tubes of 20 x 1oz silver ferns, or gold and silver Swiss pamp bars.

Please use our code GSG 001 to get a price reduction if you order through them. Read more on this here.

We do have other options for the likes of Canadian gold and silver maples, etc, but only for orders of $10,000 or more. So if you’d like to take advantage of the lowest prices since August get in touch.

Finally all the best for 2013, enjoy the New Year – but not too much!

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Have a golden week!

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