Bankers Card Tricks and Why Private Bankers are in Trouble

Here’s the latest from the always passionate Darryl Schoon. It’s actually a 2 part video but we think the best content is in the second half which begins at 24:47 mins in. (Part one mainly covers how the rip off that is the 30 year mortgage came into being). Here’s what is covered in Part 2 though:

– What’s the secret behind the worlds biggest card trick?

– Why is debt part of the trick that the bankers play?

– Just how the bankers make money and how the more people that go into debt, the more the bankers make.

– How the British bankers put this game together in 1695 before losing control in the 1920’s and handing the same card trick game over to the Federal Reserve.

– Why there were bank runs in the 1930’s and why did they all go broke?

– What con game the bankers came up with after the depression.

– Why the elite at the top are fighting so hard to keep this paper money game going and why the wheels are coming off.

– How England took over the world, (apart from Russia and China who went the way of communism) and why is centralised power so dangerous?

– What major changes are coming as a result of the private bankers becoming so greedy?

– Why are governments bailing out the banks?

– How the Bank of England come into existence as a result of the king needing to fight wars with credit.

– Just why is gold so important?

– Why it’s so much easier to go to war with paper money than it is to have to pay for war with a gold back currency.

– Why did Nixon go off the gold standard in 1971?

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