Max Keiser & Prof Fekete: The Bond Market, Deflation & Depression

Max Keiser & Prof Fekete: The Bond Market, Deflation & Depression

Max Keiser interviews of Professor Antal Fekete of about how the 1921 bond market collapse led the US Federal Reserve & Treasury conspiring to illegally introduce open market operation, leading to a situation in which profits in the bond market are risk free while profits in the commodity market are NOT risk free.

The interview covers:

* How the creation of the federal reserve act in 1913 wasn’t all bad as it was basically based on Adam Smith’s real bills doctrine.

* What did the US treasury and fed reserve conspire to do after the collapse of the bond market in 1921?

* Why you will see a complete collapse of the bond market.

* How the central banks can control the quantity of printed money but can’t control how people spend the money.

* What will lead to deflation and ultimately a world wide depression.

* Why zero percent borrowing costs are just aiding speculation and do nothing to increase capital investment.

* Why money is wrongly flowing to the bond market and not the commodity markets due to no risk speculation.

* What would raising interest rates do to the markets and why they can’t rise?

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