Prof Fekete Interviewed by Max Keiser on Gold Backwardation

We’ve featured the writings of Professor Antal Fekete many times in these pages before. Why? Simply because we have learnt so much from him over the past few years both from reading his various writings but also from seeing him in person a number of times. But it’s not often we get to see a television interview with him.

Love or loathe Max Keiser (he is polarising to say the least!), he does a pretty good job in this interview of getting the Professor to break down some complex topics into more simple to understand explanations. And when Max doesn’t get them quite right, luckily the Professor is quick to point out where he falls short! Professor in response to one of Max’s explanations of why the price of gold is rising: “That’s just the pedestrian explanation”.  Keiser’s response: “Well, I’m just a tourist here. I’m not a Professor. I’m trying to just broker this knowledge through the television tube!” And he doesn’t do a bad job of it in this case we reckon. An interview worth watching especially if you’re new to the Professors ideas.

They cover a number of topics including:

    • The Gold Basis. What it is and what it measures.


    • Cash Gold versus Gold Futures.


    • Contango in the gold markets and what it is.


    • Sporadic Gold Backwardation versus Permanent Backwardation: What it is and why the derivatives traders are scared of it occurring.


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Prof Antal Fekete to lecture in Auckland in Nov 2010

There is a second part of the interview covering silver backwardation, manipulation and liberation. We’ll be sure to post that as soon as it’s out too. (Update: It is out now see part 2 at the following link: Prof Fekete interviewed by Max Keiser Part 2: Silver Conspiracy.)  Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter below if you haven’t already and be kept up to date on gold and silver from a New Zealand perspective.