See Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari Report) Live in Auckland

There is certainly a lot going on across the planet. We are in an age of rapid global change. Luckily if you live within cooee of Auckland you have a chance in just over a week to hear from Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report speak on:

The Global Rebalancing: What is it? Why is it happening?

Saturday 23rd May 4-6pm

It’s only $20 and is a fundraising event for the Ficino Educational Foundation. Catherine’s attendance was organised by our friend Louis Boulanger who brought out Ronald Stoeferle who writes the In Gold We Trust Report, Chris Powell of GATA, and John Butler author of The Golden Revolution in 2013.

They were all great events to attend. So this one is sure to be a great afternoon too.

Click below for the full details:


If you are going to attend then email us back and let us know. Might be the chance to meet up afterwards.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the content of Catherines presentation:

Catherine Austin Fitts – Live in Aucklandd review

Catherine Austin Fitts – Live in Auckland – full recording

If you’d like a taste of what might be covered then check out this recent interview with Greg Hunter of

It covers her latest Solari Report headed “Planet Debt” including:

– Global Debt – who is entrapped and who is doing the trapping. Can it go on forever?
– Bill Gross and the bond bubble – is it due to end?
– Interest rates – which way?
– How psychopaths are “running things” and how we need to break away
– One world currency, one world government and the hegelian dialectic
– What her biggest fear is currently
– How it doesn’t have to end in war or global collapse

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