Silver Bullion Price at 4 Year Lows

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May. 1, 2014

This Week:

  • Has Gold (and Silver) Turned the Corner?
  • Do You Need a Safe to Store Your Precious Metals?
  • Coming soon: Long life Emergency Food Options


We won’t spend too much time discussing the gold and silver charts this morning, as our feature article we just wrote on Monday covers this in some detail. And prices haven’t moved too markedly since then.

Gold in NZ Dollars is up $5.59 per ounce or 0.37% from last week. Sitting at $1501.34 this morning. Still holding around recent lows as you can see below.


NZ Dollar silver is down 33 cents or 1.46% on a week ago to $22.34. Back in the low $23 region means it is again cheaper than it has been for 4 years.

NZD Silver Chart


Has Gold (and Silver) Turned the Corner?


Has Gold Turned the CornerAs mentioned already our feature article this week is

Has Gold (and Silver) Turned the Corner?

We cover 3 factors that lead us to believe that gold has turned the corner. You’ll see a number of charts including a look at mining shares prices versus metals prices. We also look at silver.

Since we wrote this on Monday some of the futures market data has changed, so we might be slightly less convinced now than we were then. However we think any further weakness should be limited. But this is why we also advise against operating like a Texas Holdem player and going “all in”. Rather keep a little powder dry in case of a dip lower. This way psychologically you’ll almost be happy for a bit cheaper prices.



Do You Need a Safe to Store Your Precious Metals?


We have had a number of questions on safes from readers and have finally gotten to the point of starting to put some information together. We’ll cover the various options with pros and cons etc. So keep an eye out for that soon.

So if you have any questions on safes that you’d like us to cover then just hit reply to this email and let us know them.

In the meantime if you need to buy one now and can’t wait, reply to this email too and let us know your questions and we can point you in the right direction straight away.



Coming soon: Long life Emergency/Survival Food Options

Something that we ourselves have been working on personally is being better prepared for emergencies. Not just necessarily of the man made monetary collapse variety either. But with the Christchurch earthquakes still in recent memory, not to mention tsunamis in the Pacific Islands and Japan, natural disaster planning is something we could probably all do much better.

We’ve been putting together our own “survival kits” and in doing so have looked at the options when it comes to long life freeze dried and dehydrated food. Previously we’ve tried to keep plenty of tins on hand and rotate them around, but that involves remembering to do this and of course not eating all your emergency supply!

So we’ve looked at the options and have come across one that has a shelf life of up to 25 years. So you simply decide on how long you want your supply to last and then you only need to buy once and you’re sorted. Plus it comes in bulk supply so the cost is lower than just buying small packs. Although there are also options for using it for camping, tramping, boating, hunting etc.

We’ve got our financial insurance – in the form of physical gold and silver, this is insurance for our stomach! As the gold haters love to say “you can’t eat gold”. Of course you can’t eat 10 dollar notes either and if there’s no food on the shelf then neither dollars or gold will be much use to you initially.

Civil Defence recommends at least 3 days (72 hours) of food and water. But in all reality it will take longer than 3 days for help to arrive. Also modern “just in time” inventory management means in a serious emergency or disaster, supermarkets will be emptied in no time, so you need to be prepared in advance.

So personally we’re making sure we have enough for a few months for every member of the household.

Like the information on safes, we are close to having this ready too, so keep an eye out for an email from us on Emergency Food in the not too distant future.


That’s about it for this week.

Go and check out this weeks feature article if you haven’t already. Plus a great on a silver – see them below.

And as we just said, gold and silver are your financial insurance and yet again today they are on sale. So get in touch if you’d like a quote or if you have any questions at all.



This Weeks Articles



NZ Dollar, RBNZ Announcement and Inflation
NZ dollar2014-04-24 01:48:15-04
Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Apr. 24, 2014 This Week: – Metals Prices versus Share Prices – NZ Dollar, RBNZ Announcement and Inflation – A Short History Lesson on Tax in NZ.

Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk

Listen2014-04-28 19:09:51-04
We’ve just posted an article titled “Has Gold (and Silver) Turned the Corner” running through some reasons as to why gold might well have bottomed out and formed a higher low. Silver hasn’t been doing quite so well as gold though. But in this piece we see a number of reasons including some historical ones as to why silver too might not be far from turning up […]


Has Gold (and Silver) Turned the Corner?

Turned the Corner2014-04-28 19:14:01-04
Here’s 3 Positive Factors That Point to Higher Prices Ahead for Gold. Overnight Thursday last week (New Zealand time), both gold and silver fell sharply lower. Silver broke below US$19 and gold went as low as US$1270. Some would argue these moves mean both gold and silver will head lower given, these numbers are held as important technical support levels. However, there was an important point to also note.


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