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Gold Is Seasonal: When Is the Best Month to Buy?

If you’re mulling over just when to buy gold then check this article out for sure. It crunches the numbers to show in which month the gold price is usually the weakest and shows how this is on average the best time to buy as it means a high chance of the price rising by the end […]

What 10-Baggers (and 100-Baggers) Look Like

Gold has risen quite steadily since the start of the year and mining stocks have actually led the way, most gaining much more than the metal itself. But if history is our guide, this is likely just the start of bigger gains to come. This article shows the eye watering rises that some mining stocks have had in past […]

Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact

Rick Rule reviews a number of factors that are the drivers of the natural resource cycle and why they mean the current cycle is still on the up. He then outlines where to consider investing if the bull market cycle still has a way to run yet… Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact By […]

Time for Goldbugs to Admit Defeat?

Gold has really plummeted over the past couple of years. There are multitudes of opinions ringing out proclaiming that its run is well and truly over. But is there any precedent for a fall as large as this has been to occur during a longer term bull market? Read on to find out… Time for Goldbugs […]

Summary: Ronald Stoeferle’s Auckland, NZ, Presentation. Saturday 14/9/2013


In Gold We Trust: Why Gold Insurance is More Important Now Than Ever. With his dry Austrian wit Ronald-Peter Stoeferle opened his hour plus talk with a few interesting anecdotes regarding Austria (his home country) being to Germany what New Zealand is to Australia. Namely the little brother and often mistaken for one and the […]

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