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This category includes all the articles on gold, silver and related topics written by Gold Survival Guide, often with a New Zealand focus.

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NZ Dollar gold price ready to rise significantly

Could this be the start of the next significant rise in the New Zealand dollar price of gold? If history is any guide it could well be… NZD gold price has risen sharply the last 2 weeks The New Zealand dollar (NZD) price of gold has risen quite sharply over the last half of November. […]

Avoid Worrying About the NZD/USD Exchange Rate When Buying Gold

An article on this week was headlined “Bullion bullish but beware the bears”. The excerpt below is taken from the beginning of the article (emphasis added is ours): The price of gold, now near nominal highs at more than US$1180 an ounce, is expected to climb further, analysts say. However, they warn New Zealand […]

Whither the NZ Dollar Gold Price

Gold has just made another all time high priced in US dollars reaching an intra-day price of $1261.90.  In Euros and sterling and many other currencies it also has hit new highs recently. Here in New Zealand, while it has rallied sharply since the start of May, the previous February 2009 high of $1980 has […]

When will the Australian housing bubble burst

We know we’re not part of Australia – even if the rest of the world doesn’t – but we’ve posted this article under the “New Zealand Articles” heading, as where the Aussie housing market goes generally so does ours.  It also discusses the NZ housing market in terms of affordability or rather it’s unaffordability.  NZ may […]

The Current Stage of the New Zealand Real Estate Cycle

Today we have a very informative article from an aquaintance of ours who publishes some great information on “Crisis Investing”.  We follow J.S.’s thoughts closely and highly recommend his newsletter especially if you are interested in some very close guidance on investing in the stock market with far more detail that virtually any other newsletter around.  […]

Steve Keen | The Reserve Bank of Australia gets it wrong again

Is there an Australian in the house?  Today, yes there is.  For any of our Australian brethren reading we feature some thoughts from one of your countrymen.  Steve Keen was one of the very few academic economists worldwide that predicted the current debt fueled financial crisis as far back as 2005.  He writes regularly on his blog here. […]

There wont be any housing led recovery in NZ anytime soon

As we discussed in “Green Shoots? – Don’t believe the hype”, we believe comments coming from world and central bank leaders and economists that the worst of the recession may be behind us are likely very premature. They’re still coming though.  For example here in New Zealand, BNZ bank economists recently stated that the housing […]

Why the 6% unemployment rate is a fallacy

The 6 August 2009 Statistics New Zealand press release for the Household Labour Force Survey told us that… In seasonally adjusted terms, the unemployment rate continued to rise, reaching 6.0 percent during the June 2009 quarter… Both the number of people unemployed and the unemployment rate have been increasing for the past six quarters. The […]

Why the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will eventually print money

(and why they will everywhere else too if they haven’t already) June 2009 news headlines highlight the ongoing strength of the NZ Dollar (kiwi). Having risen from a low of just under 0.50USD in March 09, the kiwi reached a high of 0.65USD less than 3 months later. A rise of some 30%! The high […]

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