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This category includes all the articles on gold, silver and related topics written by Gold Survival Guide, often with a New Zealand focus.

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Should I Sell My Home and Buy Precious Metals?

We recently had a question along these lines posed to us.  I have a home with 20% equity and 80% mortgage.  I use a significant portion of my weekly income to service the mortgage and don’t seem to have any savings left over due to stagnant wages and increasing living costs.  What would be the […]

Just How Low Could Gold Fall?

A week or so ago we read something from Bill Bonner on the Daily Reckoning that got us to thinking, “Just how low could gold fall?” Bill has been recommending gold to readers of his daily column for years and years but he may have scared a few people with these recent thoughts on the […]

Just checking | Is gold in a bubble

Gold bars and coins

Gold has been popping up a good deal more in the mainstream of late and there have been plenty of mentions of a bubble-like state.  Wells Fargo Bank recently released a report where they stated that gold was in a speculative bubble.  This was perhaps a not altogether surprising statement from a bank whose majority […]

Gold Bullion in New Zealand dollars hits record high | Time to buy or sell

Gold Bullion in New Zealand dollars today is well over the $2000 per ounce level for the first time ever.  The local New Zealand dollar gold bullion price is a function of the gold price in US dollars and the US dollar to NZ dollar exchange rate.  For the past few days both have been […]

The Road to Perdition | inflation US dollar | NZ dollar carry trade and more

road to inflation

This interview is very timely following Fed Head Bernanke’s comments this week on it’s options for further stimulation.  He spoke about how the Fed had the option if the economy worsened to lower the interest rate that it pays banks to keep their reserves deposited with the Fed.   Read on to discover the impact this would have […]

Instead of negative could it be positive news that sends gold on its next leg up

Much of the talk, both mainstream and “underground” on the internet is currently centred on what the next “black swan” will be.  Will it be a Greece default? More middle eastern riots and government overthrows? A break up of the Euro-zone, or the (comical) US debt ceiling not being raised, that causes gold to lurch […]

Why Gareth Morgan Investments and the mainstream are wrong about gold Part 2 | A counter to GMIs senior economist

Gold bars and coins

Our recent article looking at the opinion of Andrew Gawith, the executive director of Gareth Morgan Investments on gold, lead us to discover a previous article also from Gareth Morgan Investments on the yellow metal.  This one by Chris Worthington, GMI’s senior economist, written at the end of last year. Mr Worthington states that the main […]

Why Gareth Morgan Investments and the mainstream are wrong about gold

Gold bars and coins

Gold is getting noticed a bit more of late.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent New Zealand herald article by Andrew Gawith, the executive director of Gareth Morgan Investments… Does all this mean the US dollar is about to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency? It’s unlikely. There is no obvious alternative: the euro is tortured by […]

NZ Dollar Gold and Silver A Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis

Personally we believe using technical analysis in isolation is of limited value.  When markets are being flooded with printed money they won’t necessarily follow historical trends, which, in its simplest form is basically what technical analysis is. However, used in conjunction with other indicators and fundamental analysis, technical analysis has its place.  Say you’ve done […]

Good time to buy gold in NZ dollars Part 2

We often get asked, “Is now a good time to buy gold in NZ dollars?” Back in November I read a great interview from Chris Weber, who we pay close attention to, as he did well in the 1970’s bull market and always writes insightfully. It’s hard to argue with the answer that he gave […]

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