A Comparison with when Silver was last at US$15


This is a really informative video from Chris Duane looking back to 2006 when silver was last at US$15 prior to the US housing bubble popping. He compares all sorts of numbers from 2006 until now including:

* US Federal Debt – more than doubled from $8 trillion to $18 Trillion

* The number of US Silver Eagles coins sold has increased from 10 million to 45 million

* How the US dollar index is almost unchanged despite talk of the US dollar being so strong currently

* DOW Jones 11000 in 2006, now at 17,000

* Gold was $550 but despite the negativity it is still doubled to $1100 currently

* He also compares the amount of gold China has, the oil price, and the massive reduction in oil consumption in the USA. Plus the increase in housing foreclosures, bank failures, food stamps, and the number of billionaires

Back To $15 Silver In 2006

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