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NZ Housing to Silver Ratio 1968 – Dec 2023 – Measuring NZ House Prices in Silver

The housing to silver ratio shows that when priced in silver, New Zealand median house prices have fallen almost 29% since 2003. But you’ll also see how history shows you could potentially buy a median priced house in New Zealand for only $48,404… You may have read our article on the NZ housing to gold […]

Wages from Ancient Greece and NZ Housing in 2023: Both Say Silver Undervalued by a Factor of 20


Sounds amazing and at first glance seems quite unlikely we’d agree. But, what labourers were paid in silver in ancient Greece, and New Zealand house prices when measured in silver, both show how very undervalued silver is currently. We’ll show just how eerily similar the resulting numbers are… We previously compared ancient wages in silver […]

Will New Zealand Property Prices Ever Fall?

Will New Zealand Property Prices Ever Fall

Here’s a reader question that’s likely crossed your mind recently too… “Will New Zealand house prices ever fall?” Reader Jim R. writes: “There may or may not be a question here but I thought I’d ask. It’s more based around property but may be linked. As inflation is here to stay for a while the […]

The Silver Housing Ratio | How to Buy a Vacation Home

USA Housing to Silver Ratio

We’ve written previously on the Gold/Housing ratio for here in NZ.  Here’s some historical data on the silver/housing ratio for the USA and how low the ratio could potentially drop in the future. We’ve also now had a look at what local data we could find on the NZ silver/housing ratio. So you can compare […]