Will Gold Holders be Vilified?

Max Keiser Interviews John Kim Of SmartknowledgeU.com About The Latest In The Gold Market

We’ve featured John Kim in these pages many times over the years.

He was recently on the Keiser Report commenting on the gold market.

As is often the case you have to put up with Keiser’s very wordy interviewing style where he often tries to put words into peoples mouths. But hey, he does get some good guests on the show that we won’t hear interviewed elsewhere.

The full interview is below but here are the highlights:

Gold Bull Market Once Again

John believes we are once again in a bull market in gold (funnily enough he was last interviewed on the Keiser report during the last upswing in gold and before the 2014 plunge).

Gold Price Predictions Not Helpful

Unlike many in the gold community he doesn’t think making predictions on where the price is going is that useful. Although he doesn’t believe it is going to $700 as Harry Dent does. In fact he didn’t believe it would fall below $1000 again now.

However he also thought discussions of $10,000 or more an ounce weren’t that useful either. Why?

Because while we might see these numbers he doesn’t believe a return to a true gold standard would involve repricing gold against all the paper assets. Rather that we would just measure goods and services in weights of gold. It took a couple of explanations for Max to “get” this. Just as for most people this concept would be completely foreign to them.

Will Gold Holders be Vilified?

Finally Max asked him whether the people with the foresight to buy gold now would be vilified in the future if the price rose significantly. Much like those suing tax havens currently are being.

This was perhaps John Kim’s most interesting answer.

He looked at it from two perspectives.

East – In China, India, Asia etc the concept of owning gold is not that foreign and is steeply rooted into the culture.

West – Like in the USA the idea of gold ownership is completely foreign to most people and it is not in their blood.

So in the future not enough people in the USA will own gold to be vilified. But they will be protected.

While in the East they won’t be vilified as it will be common place to own gold.


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