Warning Signs Are Appearing in Many Countries

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NZD Gold Still Consolidating Recent Gains

Until last night NZD gold had been edging higher for the week. But a sharp fall now sees it sitting back under the previous all time high from 2011. Down 0.66% from last week.

But it is still above the recent low. So far gold is doing a good job of consolidating the previous hefty gains. Our educated guess remains that it won’t go too much lower from here.

NZ Dollar Gold Chart

So is Silver

NZD silver also dropped sharply overnight to be down 1.5% on a week ago. Although It too is still above the recent low of $27. Again our guess is that silver will hold above that mark. With the worst of the falls now likely over. That would make right now a pretty decent time to be layering in your purchases.

NZ Dollar Silver Chart

NZ Dollar Still Trading in Sideways Range

The Kiwi dollar moved higher at the end of last week but has pulled back lately. It is up for the week. But continues in the sideways pattern it has been in since late August.

The pundits seem to think the odds of an interest rate cut next week are now 50:50. After being as high as 90% a week ago. So that decision may be what moves the Kiwi one way or the other.

Even if the central bank doesn’t make a move next week, we’d say it is only a matter of time before another cut. Unemployment looks to be on the rise, even if at a slow rate.

NZ Dollar Chart

Need Help Understanding the Charts?

Check out this post if any of the terms we use when discussing the gold, silver and NZ Dollar charts are unknown to you:

Gold and Silver Technical Analysis: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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NZ Housing to Gold Ratio 1962 – 2019: Measuring House Prices in Gold‎

We’ve finally updated one of our most requested pieces of data.

The New Zealand Housing to Gold Ratio. While we’ve written a few updates in recent times, we hadn’t updated the data and chart since 2010.

Partly due to the difficulty in deciphering how we did it back then!

So we now have New Zealand housing priced in gold from 1962 all the way through to September 2019.

This shows the importance of measuring assets in “real money”. Not the papery, digital fiat type.

Click through and you’ll see how NZ house prices in nominal terms have continued to rise after the slow down from 2008 to 2013. However when measured in gold, house prices peaked way back in 2005.

The benefit of a historical chart like this is that two fold.

  1. It tells us that house prices could fall much further yet in gold terms
  2. It also might help tell us when a good time to sell gold and buy housing might be.

The post covers:

  • How to Calculate the Housing to Gold Ratio
  • Comparing the NZ Housing to Gold Ratio to the UK and USA
  • How NZ House Values Could Drop by 80 Percent
  • What Price Could Gold Reach if the Ratio Falls ?

NZ Housing to Gold Ratio 1962 – 2019: Measuring House Prices in Gold‎

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Warning Signs Are Appearing in Many Countries – Bank Runs in China and India

We’ve reported on the troubles in the US “repo” market. And how the US central bank may have quietly restarted a form of QE to help out the banks some more.

But it’s not just in the USA where there are warning signs.

Here’s some news that has gone very under reported, care of our friend John Kim.

“…there have been multiple bank runs in China and India already this year, with the latest Chinese bank suffering a bank run last week being Yichuan Bank, with hundreds of customers waiting in long lines for hours to withdraw their savings for fear of losing it all. As can be expected, the normal reaction to such news by citizens of developed nations is something akin to “these are small banks with zero discipline mismanaged in nations with inadequate regulations, but those types of problems will never manifest in my nation.” And these types of false sentiments persist because of the fact that bankers in developed nations have influenced the mainstream media to the point where the mainstream media plaster and paint over the cracks instead of exposing them and warning the public.

For example, in this article I wrote on my blog just about a month ago, I stated that the reintroduction of the US Central Bank repurchase agreement program to provide overnight liquidity to US banks for the first time in eleven years was a clear sign “that there is something seriously and operationally deficient within the US banking system.”   The very fact that the Central Bank needed to step in to provide cash needed for daily operations in the US banking system because banks do not trust one another to loan large amounts of cash and have it returned within 24 hours is a sign that multiple bank runs are possible due to large amounts of risk inherent in all of the largest US banks. In other words, banks will assess whether or not to lend money to each other, on an overnight basis, based upon the level of risk of receiving the loaned money returned to them within 24 hours. If they feel the risk exceeds the interest charged, they will not lend any money, which causes a liquidity crunch, and the need for Central Bankers to step in to create hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air every week just to keep the US banking system afloat and operational. Thus banker manipulation across all aspects of the global banking system exists, and banker manipulation does not just pertain to stock markets.

…History has already informed us that banker manipulation charades can cover up cracks for an irrationally long period of time. However, history has also informed us, that when such cracks appear with such enormity as a consequence of perpetual banker manipulation of markets, whether overt or secretive, eventually Humpty Dumpty will fall off the wall and shatter into pieces.”


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