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Here is where we also feature writing from others around the world. We don’t always agree with everything they have to say but we pick interesting commentary from the likes of James Rickards, Darryl Schoon, Stewart Thomson and many others.

Often giving our 2 cents worth on what they have to say too.

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Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be…

Hugo Salinas Price does a good job of explaining the important and little known concept of “declining marginal utility” and how this relates to gold. He goes on to conclude that “humanity is no longer in contact with the realities of the physical world: rational human activity is disconnected from those realities, by the false […]

Where To Invest When (Almost) Everything’s in a Bubble

Currently we have most share markets around the world at record highs. The NZX (New Zealand Stock Exchange ) is no exception. As are house prices in many places at or near record highs: New Zealand, Australia and Canada just to name a few. On top of these we have record low interest rates which […]

Bill Bonner: Get Ready for the ‘Crack-Up Boom’

See how the 3 major economies in the world look to all be entering a tightening phase at about the same time. But how somewhat counterintuitively, this could lead to a “blow-out spree of money printing, borrowing, spending, and debt.” A.K.A. a ‘crack-up boom’… Get Ready for the ‘Crack-Up Boom’ By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner […]

Money Velocity: Historic Upturn Nears – Inflation Coming?

The massive global money printing that has gone on post the financial crisis has not resulted in massive inflation as might have been expected. As Pierre Lassonde says below it’s because the banks have been sitting on the money and not lending it out. Read on to see why Stewart Thomson believes 2018 might be […]

Silver Market Update

Clive Maud outlines how silver may have a bit of downside in the short term ahead yet. But is actually playing out a very bullish head-and-shoulders bottom pattern. Perhaps we may not be too off the point where silver once again out performs gold as we discussed last week. So any pull back from here […]

How Unbacked Fiat Money Corrupts Society

Hugo Salinas Price – our favourite billionaire – shares a number of stories from Mexico’s history to make the point that unbacked fiat money serves to corrupt a society. As Chris Powell of GATA puts it so well: “Salinas Price essentially supports the British economist Peter Warburton’s conclusion that a primary objective of central banking […]

In Gold We Trust Chartbook 2017 – 60 Slides for Gold Bulls 

We’ve just received an email from Ronni Stoerferle announcing the release of his “In Gold We Trust abbreviated chartbook for 2017”. If you didn’t have the time to read the full version of the 2017 In Gold We Trust report, then make sure you check out this shortened version…   In Gold We Trust Chartbook 2017 […]

The Gold Worm on the Yuan Hook

Hugo Salinas Price has some more thoughts on the wider implications if China really does start an oil futures contract that is convertible to gold. He believes that oil sellers won’t be the only ones interested. Because as the gold price rises from increased demand in the oil trade, other sellers of commodities will likely also want […]

Yahoo Hacking Highlights Cyber Risk and Increasing Importance of Physical Gold

Did you hear about the recent massive hack of the US credit checking agency Equifax that exposed half of the US population? It is just one of the many online breaches in recent years (see the list below). With today’s ever increasing technological advances, comes ever increasing risks of cybercrime. Of perhaps even more concern […]