Michael Pento on the Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different

Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different

In this very good interview with Micheal Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies, Pento explains why the yield curve is not dropping simply due to low European bond interest rates.

He also talks about:

  • The real reason the yield curve is inverting
  • What an inverted yield curve means
  • How it will bring about a recession in the USA
  • What impact this will have on employment, banks and the stock market
  • How the big issue will then be that central banks will not have much room to cut interest rates as they will already be historically low
  • How stagflation like the 1970’s will eventually develop as a result
  • Why he believes “the people” will eventually call for a return to gold in the monetary system

We’ve also been following the yield curve for a while. Learn more about the yield curve: The Yield Curve Recession Predictor: Impact on Gold?

Via: X22 Report

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