Runaway House Prices: The ‘Winners and Losers’ From the Pandemic


Prices and Charts

Change from last weeks gold and silver prices

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Correction Over? It Looks Like Gold Has Bottomed Out

Gold in New Zealand dollars is up $45 from 7 days ago. It has clearly bounced up off the support line in the uptrend channel. This provides a strong possibility of the correction being over and gold having bottomed out. As we have said a few times lately, the fact that there is very little interest in buying also makes us pretty confident that the bottom is in. Past experience shows us that most people don’t buy at the bottoms. So we might expect that gold will slowly head back towards the top of the trend channel to challenge $2700. Not necessarily straight away though. But the trend remains up in the medium term and also in the long run. NZ Dollar Gold Chart

Silver Underperforms Gold, But Still Up

Silver in New Zealand dollars was up for the week, but less than gold. Like gold, silver also has bounced up off the uptrend rising support line, and it’s very likely silver also has bottomed out.  Unlike gold, silver remains above the 200 day moving average. With the uptrend starting from November rather than gold’s which only began in March of this year. We are fairly confident that the bottom is in for silver too. NZ Dollar Silver Chart

NZ Dollar Also Likely to Have Bottomed out

The New Zealand dollar was up around 20 basis points on a week ago. It is likely to have bottomed out too. Expect a wave higher again now. But the Kiwi appear to just be in a sideways trading range. So our guess is the exchange rate won’t play too much of a role in setting local gold and silver prices for the next little while. NZ Dollar Chart

Need Help Understanding the Charts?

Check out this post if any of the terms we use when discussing the gold, silver and NZ Dollar charts are unknown to you:

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Reader Question: Will New Zealand Property Prices Ever Fall?

A recent reader question asked whether we think New Zealand house prices are likely correct. Or even though they appear very overvalued will we just see a plateau? This is a timely question since Bloomberg just crowned New Zealand as the world’s frothiest housing market Here’s what’s covered:
  • NZ Crowned World’s Frothiest Housing Market
  • Will Property in New Zealand Ever Fall?
  • Rising Interest Rates Could be an Issue
  • Timing A Correction is Very Difficult – Here’s What to Do Instead

Will New Zealand Property Prices Ever Fall?

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Share of Total Net Worth Held by Top 1% at Record High 32%

Back in May we shared a laughable report that said the RBNZ Doesn’t Know What Impact Low Interest Rates Have Had on Inequality in NZ!? Here’s some US numbers that clearly show the impact of the US central bank’s response to COVID19. This chart speaks for itself with the share of total net worth held by the top 1% hitting a record 32% this year. Source. (Note: For more on the Cantillon Effect mentioned in the chart see this old post: Rising Auckland House Prices: Shortage or Cantillon Effect?) The above data is for the USA. But we think it’s not too long a bow to draw to expect the same result in most places across the planet, including here.

Runaway House Prices: The ‘Winners and Losers’ From the Pandemic

Property prices are likely to be a major factor in amplifying the wealth of the top 1%. A Financial Times article shows it’s not just New Zealand experiencing record high house prices. The same thing is happening the world over:
“The coronavirus lockdown was supposed to be a great leveller. Instead, a property boom is reinforcing inequalities. Aggregate global wealth accumulated by households rose by about $28.7tn in 2020, according to a report published this week by Credit Suisse, which highlighted the extraordinary disconnect between this growth and the fortunes of the wider economy. …The phenomenon is global. Some of the sharpest rises have been in the US, where data released this week showed the median price for all housing types was up 23.6 per cent year on year in May. Most US homes now sell above asking price, with an offer accepted in a fraction of the time from listing than it took before the pandemic, according to Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, an online property brokerage. But even in Japan and Italy, where ageing populations limit demand, price growth has accelerated. With ultra loose monetary policy holding down borrowing costs, house price inflation now stands in double digits in many developed economies, from Sweden to South Korea, Canada to the Netherlands and New Zealand — with the biggest increases seen not in capitals, but in suburbs, smaller cities and rural areas. Norway’s central bank said last week that Oslo had seen a net outflow of residents for the first time in 20 years in 2020, as remote workers switched from city centre flats to more spacious houses on the capital’s outskirts. In the UK, press coverage of G7 leaders meeting in the Cornish resort of Carbis Bay inspired a fresh burst of house hunting in the scenic south-west region, where the market is “bonkers”, says buying agent Henry Pryor.” Source.
Here’s a cartoon we saw on Twitter that we think clearly shows the impact of central bank and government policies. With prices now “out of reach” of many would be home buyers. In the US they also have institutional investors such as the giant private equity Blackstone competing for houses. Blackstone has now become the world’s largest real estate manager. Cartoon Source. What to learn from this? Do we blame the speculators and increase taxes on the rich? When people you know say “the government should be doing more” about housing affordability, (or anything for that matter!), maybe point out that it is government and central bank policies that are directly creating the problems. A recent very apt phrase we recently heard was: “Price inflation for the poor, asset inflation for the rich.” However, you don’t actually have to be rich to get some protection from the inflation in price of everyday goods. Gold and silver come in small enough denominations that just a few hundred dollars will get you a position as an insurance policy.

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