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Declining COMEX Gold Inventories – what to make of it?


As we referenced in last weeks article on gold backwardation and negative Gold Forward Offered Rates, there has been plenty of talk around the interwebs of “high demand for physical gold and that this is backed up by falling COMEX inventories”. There have been arguments made that these falling inventories are signalling a soon to […]

Copernicus, Galileo and Gold. Part I – Hugo Salinas Price


As we’ve mentioned many times before Hugo Salinas Price is “our favorite billionaire”. Unlike gold bashing Buffet and Gates, with his organization the Mexican Cixic Association Pro Silver, Salinas Price is actively engaged in trying to institute silver as money into Mexico, alongside paper money, rather than perpetuating the current debt-money paradigm.  Below is his […]

Alistair Macleod: What Most Gold Analysts Get Wrong

Alastair Macleod: gold-supply-and-demand-2

We have a lot of respect for Alistair Macleods point of view. This a great interview where his matter of fact approach contrasts nicely to Max Keisers outrageousness. In the interview they cover a lot of ground including: Why most analysts looking at the supply of gold get it wrong Why the move out of […]



Darryl Schoon makes no bones about his belief that the recent plunge in the gold price was a manipulation, plain and simple. But he also gives some background as to how past incidences may also have been a result of “intervention” and does some theorising as to where the gold used to force the price […]

The Strengthening NZ Dollar and How This Affects Gold Bought in NZ

Gold, Silver and NZ Dollar Exchange Rates: Another Reader Question Another question/comment we had from a reader again this week was what is the point in buying bullion here in New Zealand if the NZ dollar remains strong or continues to strengthen even further? We’ve reprinted the full comment from the reader below and then have […]

Windfall Tax on Gold | a New Zealand Perspective

This week we had an email from a reader (and well informed reader at that) asking about the possibility of governments confiscating citizens gold or even the possibility according to James Rickards that “the government won’t need to confiscate gold, they will deem that the citizen has made an unfair windfall profit and impose a […]

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