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Here is where we also feature writing from others around the world. We don’t always agree with everything they have to say but we pick interesting commentary from the likes of James Rickards, Darryl Schoon, Stewart Thomson and many others.

Often giving our 2 cents worth on what they have to say too.

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Have Gold Miners Reached the Point of Capitulation?

This Week: Gold and Silver Commitment of Traders (COT) Report: A Beginners Guide Update on The Yield Curve Recession Predictor – lowest in a decade Could Gold Sentiment Get Any Worse? Have Gold Miners Reached the Point of Capitulation? Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver?Visit this page for more information Buying […]

Rickards: Gold Price Has Been Locked to SDRs and Global Monetary Reset is Under Way

Rickards_ Gold Price Has Been Locked to SDRs and Global Monetary Reset is Under Way copy

GATA’s Chris Powell this week highlighted a reprint of an analysis by Jim Rickards in his latest Gold Speculator letter. Rickards argues: “…that the great “global monetary reset” often speculated about is already underway, as indicated by the recent close correlation between the gold price and the International Monetary Fund’s super-currency, the Special Drawing Right, […]

The Chicago Plan: The Final Assault in the War on Cash

The Chicago Plan_ The Final Assault in the War on Cash

We’ve been covering the War on Cash for years. Earlier today we reported on what central banks are up to in regards to central bank issued digital currencies. Just the latest step in the path to a cashless society. Bill Bonner Letter coauthors Bill Bonner and Dan Denning have also been connecting the dots on this […]

Gold Price: Roadmap To $1,750

Gold continues to consolidate as it has done since the sharp gains in December and January. This sideways consolidation is likely necessary in order to build support for future price rises. However we may now be getting close to the point where we see a gold breakout. Below Stewart Thomson outlines the next levels to […]

Deutsche Bank: New Zealand Dollar the Most Expensive of Major Currencies

The New Zealand Dollar has been falling in value lately compared to the US dollar. The Kiwi dollar has also been losing value against its fellow commodity currencies, the Australian and Canadian dollars. Looking at the chart of the NZ dollar against the US dollar, the Kiwi dollar is getting close to the next level […]

How Gold Could Go Up 650% from Here

How Gold Could Go Up 650% from Here

Two weeks ago we featured a video which looked at the price gold would need to be in order to balance out the US Debt. See: Gold Backing to Debt Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21,000 Gold This article below looks at how to value gold from a different angle. This […]

Gold Investors: Jobs Report Tactics

Where is gold likely to go in the next month or two? Stewart Thomson delves into the near term moves likely for gold and how it may perform in the second half of the year. If you’re interested in investing in Australian Gold Mining companies he also profiles one of his favourites. Funnily enough it’s […]

The Seven Pillars of Gold

Over the past few years a number of central banks including that of Germany have been repatriating their gold from the New York Fed vault. More recently Turkey is doing the same. Turkey has had 220 tons stored in the U.S. Jim Rckards points out: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently suggested that international […]

Gold Nearing Bull Breakout

Here’s a great summary of where the gold market sits right now. What has transpired over the past 3 years since gold bottomed out and why the technicals and other factors point to gold being very close to breaking into a new bull market…   Gold Nearing Bull Breakout By Adam Hamilton – First published […]