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More problems in the Eurozone

Weekly Wanderings 25 November 2010 More problems in the Eurozone So Ireland is under the gun yet again.  Interestingly, it appears that Ireland’s government was not exceptionally profligate during the boom times – they have just become a victim of the euro structure. It’s hard to see at this stage which of two alternatives will […]

Consider employing gold as an international reference point

Weekly Wanderings 10 November 2010 This week, the main points in the precious metals news have been the continued rises in the prices of the metals, the adoption of QE2 by the Fed, and the statement by the Head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, concerning gold’s role as part of the international monetary system. […]

Hyperinflation to come to Japan

This week sees us at a very interesting point in the ongoing financial debacle which is unfolding around us. Once again, we need to take particular care with our investment activity, and take notice of pronouncements from trusted sources. Our trusted sources include Eric King, and by extension, those sources that Eric himself finds valuable […]

9 People We Trust in the Precious Metals World

Wild Bills Weekly Wanderings 13 July 2010 This week, we adopt a slightly different approach, and present some notes on several different topics: • People we Trust • Data we Love – False Interpretations we Hate • The Paper Market vs the Physical Market • People we Trust Over several decades of market experience we have learned the hard […]