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How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year

We’ve recently commented on the quiet rise in inflation rates here in New Zealand: Inflation Rates Edging Higher – Impact? See how this is happening globally and surprising people. Plus what the concern is in the future if the increases continue…. How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year By Justin Spittler […]

Not Even Trump Can Clean Up This Mess

Here in New Zealand the government inflation rate has just ticked up ever so slightly lately. This has been happening in many places across the globe. Can we expect more of it and what might the impact be? Read on to see… Not Even Trump Can Clean Up This Mess By Justin Spittler Higher prices […]

Gold: The Rate Hike Rally Continues

The US Federal Reserve Rate hike in December looks to have had a similar effect to the first rate hike in December 2015. With gold falling initially but then surprising most and rising. Stewart Thomson comments on this and also on why silver may be lagging gold currently and not moving much higher… Gold: The […]

The World’s Biggest Financial Bubble Is Coming to an End… Here’s How to Keep Your Money Safe

See how bonds, inflation and commodities might all be in the process of changing trends… The World’s Biggest Financial Bubble Is Coming to an End… Here’s How to Keep Your Money Safe By Justin Spittler Doug’s absolutely right. The bond market isn’t safe. Yesterday, we shared a recent essay by Casey Research founder Doug Casey. […]

The 35-Year Bull Market in Bonds Comes to an End

Last week before the US election we wrote the following article. This was before Trump was elected but in it we outlined how regardless of who won it seemed there was evidence pointing to inflation starting to appear: Is Inflation Going to Surprise Us? Since Trump’s election we’ve now read an awful lot about how […]

Is Inflation Going to Surprise Us?

Throughout most of the world, the last 7 or 8 years has delivered what appears to be very low levels of what is known as “consumer price inflation”. Sure house and other asset prices have risen in many parts of the globe. But these get conveniently stripped out of or “substituted” from most government measures […]

The Bond Market Is Unraveling… Here’s Where You Should Put Your Money Today

Back in September we discussed the possibility that the bond prices might have changed trend from up to down. Or put another way that long term bond yields or interest rates may be at the start of a trend change to higher interest rates: Has the Bond Bubble Popped? Interest Rates to Rise? Impact on Gold […]

The Last Time This Happened, Gold Tripled…Here’s How to Profit

If you’ve read Ronald Stoerferle’s In Gold We Trust report you’ll know they believe the most likely outcome is that of stagflation (see the report here: In Gold We Trust 2016). The following takes a similar position and outlines why we could well see something of a repeat of the 1970’s… Weekend Edition: The Last Time […]

Janet, Government, And The Woodshed

Interest rates have had our attention lately. We’ve been keeping an eye on the rising US Treasury long bond rate. Earlier this week we also posted an article that looked at the recent move higher in LIBOR. In this piece Stewart Thomson has an interesting theory that it will be rising interest rates that really […]

The Biggest Monetary Transformation Since WWII

Mike Maloney explains that every 30 to 40 years the world has a new monetary system. And the global dollar standard is the worst design of all these systems — yet it’s 45 years old. So it’s way overdue for its own demise. And when this one crumbles, everyone is going to feel it. Earlier […]

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