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Could These Currency Charts Indicate an Asia-Pacific Slow Down? – How Would This Affect New Zealand?

Most analysis we’ve read lately leans towards the kiwi dollar continuing to rise and reach parity with the USD dollar. But as we’ve mentioned a few times lately we’re not sure this is such a one way bet. Coincidentally last week in Chris Weber’s most recent report he touched on the performance of the Asia-Pacific […]

James Turk: Erosion of Trust Will Drive Gold Higher

This concise interview transcript covers James Turks opinion on the US dollar, China, and how a shrinking of peoples trust driven by the likelihood of further confiscation of assets like that which occurred in Cyprus, is likely to be the main driver of people into gold and silver… James Turk: Erosion of Trust Will Drive […]

Now Is the Time to Buy Gold

As we’ve mentioned before, a presentation here in Auckland by Bud Conrad, Casey Research’s chief economist, was where we first met and where the idea of goldsurvivalguide.co.nz was first born. So partly for this reason we always pay attention to what Bud has to say. However more importantly he always gives a logical and analytical […]

Sandeep Jaitly: Why the USA is Selling China Its Gold

The always interesting Sandeep Jaitly was on the Keiser Report today. The interview begins at 12:15. Sandeep discussed with Max a multitude of topics including: Why Sandeep thinks a reported potential increase in China's gold reserves from 1,100 tonnes to 2700 tonnes is a good move. Why is the USA selling China it's gold? And [...]

23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold

With so much negativity surrounding gold and silver currently it’s useful to hear the other side of the argument. Here’s some very big reasons as to why precious metals will still shine again before too long… 23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold By Laurynas Vegys, Research Analyst It’s been one of the worst years for gold […]

On India: The Modi Man & Gold Tonnage


Stewart Thomsons Graceland Updates are always amusing although sometimes rather cryptic. He has posted this one in the clear so we thought it worth sharing as it’s not so cryptic and has some interesting comments on the future of China and in particular India which are definitely worth taking note of as we’ve not seen them […]

Chinese Housewives vs. Goldman Sachs: No Contest


You’ve likely read a bit about the massive buying of physical gold going in the east. This piece has some interesting charts that show just how significant this buying is on a global scale… Chinese Housewives vs. Goldman Sachs: No Contest By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst Goldman Sachs is once again predicting that […]

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