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Former Goldman Insider Says Price of Gold Could Double

One of the founding partners of the excellent Real Vision TV, who is also a former Goldman Sachs employee and hedge fund manager, had some strong words on gold recently. Even after the price has pulled back sharply in recent days. Read on to see why he favours gold currently… Former Goldman Insider Says Price […]

Our Key Advice on Buying Gold Stocks

With both gold and silver up again this morning, mining stocks or shares have again jumped sharply higher today. So here’s part 2 on how to maximise your profits in gold mining stocks. (If you missed it here is the link to Part 1: How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%). […]

How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%

How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%

Gold and silver have bounced back higher the past couple of days, but are still not back to recent highs yet. However mining stocks have actually hit new 52 week highs. Something that has not been noticed by too many. See the chart below of gold (gold) versus the GDX gold mining index  (black/red). It seems like […]

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

Our favourite Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price has been busy of late. This is the third article in as many weeks of his that we have reposted. He outlines how the current meltdown of the world’s debt bubble will continue, but eventually result in the revaluation of gold. He covers how this new system may function […]

Gold & Silver: Three Green Lights

Gold & Silver: Three Green Lights

A chuckle is what we often get from reading anything by Stewart Thomson. He has again posted one of his paid newsletters in the clear, so we’ve republished it. Mainly because he has some different views on interest rate rises. What are they? Well, he thinks the odds are high the Fed will raise rates […]

3 Reasons Why Gold is Falling Again…


…And Our Thoughts on Each of Them Unless you’ve not been following the financial news you’ll have no doubt heard gold has taken (another) beating over the past few days. The headlines in the financial press have been about how it is at 5 year lows. Which is true in US dollars as per the […]

Crisis Up But Silver Down? – Ed Steer Interview

Crisis Up But Silver Down – Ed Steer Interview

In our feature article this week we discussed the current silver shortages and also featured a video when Mike Maloney mentioned how the price of silver had been falling even while there was significant demand for silver globally. He also explained how this might partly be explained by a rush for cash currently causing people […]

In Gold We Trust Report 2015 – Ronald-Peter Stoeferle


We’d highly recommend you check out the comprehensive new report by Ronald Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek: In Gold We Trust Report 2015 If you’re not familiar with Ronni you may want to first check out the summary we wrote when he visited New Zealand and gave a talk back in 2013: Summary: Ronald Stoeferle’s Auckland, […]



We first met Darryl Schoon in 2009 in Canberra, and had an interesting conversation with him at the airport on the subject of inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller. Interestingly he refers to that 2009 symposium and Bucky Fuller in this article where he also covers golds ascent and subsequent fall, along with Professor Fekete’s backwardation thesis and the “end […]

“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price

“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price

This is the article we mentioned in our email last week from Bud Conrad, who while we don’t hear from him very often, when we do we always pay close attention. Bud wrote a very insightful article last year when the price of gold plunged, and this piece is in a similar vein. Looking at […]

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