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How to Value Gold or Silver

This is the category that will help you determine how much upside there is ahead for gold and silver. Here we write about the Gold to Silver ratio, Housing to gold ratio and housing to silver ratios, and the Dow to Gold ratio.

It’s also the place to come to help determine when the time may come to sell gold and silver.

Must read articles about How to Value Gold and Silver

How do you value gold? What Price could it reach?

How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could it Reach?

Many people run into the problematic thinking that there is no way to value gold. The argument is that gold has no earnings and is of no productive use etc etc. And so therefore how can you place a value on it? You’ll see there is a methodology which simply looks at the percentage backing of the dollar at the current gold price.

Wages from Ancient Greece and NZ Housing Both Say Silver Undervalued by a Factor of 20

Wages from Ancient Greece and NZ Housing Both Say Silver Undervalued by a Factor of 20

Sounds amazing and at first glance seems quite unlikely we’d agree. But what labourers were paid in silver in ancient Greece, and New Zealand house prices when measured in silver, both show how very undervalued silver is currently. We’ll show just how eerily similar the resulting numbers are.

What is the Gold Silver Ratio_ Why is the Gold Silver Ratio at New Highs

What is the Gold Silver Ratio?

See what is the Gold / Silver ratio, and how it is used. Plus why the gold silver ratio is at new highs and and what it is telling us now.

Gold Cycles vs Property Cycles: When Will Gold Reach Peak Valuation?

Gold Cycles vs Property Cycles: When Will Gold Reach Peak Valuation?

The concept of long term cycles and how history at least rhymes, if not repeats, is really interesting topic. This article covers: Has NZ Property Peaked?; The 18 Year Real Estate Cycle; The Gold Bull Market 1970’s vs 2000 to Date; When Will Gold and Silver Reach their Peak Valuations? How Property Cycles and Gold Cycles Might Play Out in the Years to Come.

Gold Ratios Update: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio?

Gold Ratios Update: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio

Here’s a look at a number of gold and silver charts and gold ratios including: Shares versus Gold Ratio; Gold Silver Ratio and the Housing to Gold Ratio. They can all help determine how undervalued gold and silver may be.

Could Silver Be Worth More Than Gold?

Could Silver Be Worth More Than Gold? 

You may have heard about the increasing uses for silver in industrial applications. This is often used to argue that the price of silver will rise significantly and could equal or even overtake gold. Could this really happen?

Latest Articles

Silver and the US Dollar: Will History Rhyme?


A Review of Relationship Between Silver and the US Dollar What can we learn from the last time silver went sideways for a number of months while the US dollar rose strongly? This is just one of the many points covered in this excellent video from Chris Duane. Here’s just some of what is covered: What […]

An Unconventional View on the Australian (and NZ) Dollar


We thought it was worth posting this article from Vern Gowdie of the Daily Reckoning Australia. While it actually references the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, its interest rate policy action of the past few months, and the New Zealand Dollar, this isn’t actually the reason we posted it. Rather it is for Vern’s view […]

Why Has the Gold Price Been Falling?

We recently received a comment from a reader that said: “I have gone through your Gold survival course, and most of what you say makes very good sense. But I have one thing that seriously puzzles me, and nobody can give me a plausible answer: Logically when the currencies are printed to the levels they […]

Summary: Ronald Stoeferle’s Auckland, NZ, Presentation. Saturday 14/9/2013


In Gold We Trust: Why Gold Insurance is More Important Now Than Ever. With his dry Austrian wit Ronald-Peter Stoeferle opened his hour plus talk with a few interesting anecdotes regarding Austria (his home country) being to Germany what New Zealand is to Australia. Namely the little brother and often mistaken for one and the […]

See Ronni Stöferle (Writer of “In Gold We Trust” Report) Live in Auckland for FREE!


As mentioned a couple of weeks ago there are a number of high profile speakers being brought to New Zealand by our friend Louis Boulanger in the next couple of months. We can now confirm details for the first event featuring Ronald-Peter Stöferle – writer of the “In Gold We Trust Report” and how to […]

Gold Silver Ratio: Silver Ready to Rise Versus Gold?

    Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: May 22, 2013 This Week: NZ Dollar Gold and Silver: Update After the Fall Gold Silver ratio: Silver ready to rise versus gold?   In case you missed it Monday morning saw a sharp fall for gold but more especially for silver. This prompted us to yesterday take […]

Have We Seen the Bottom for Silver in NZD?


Last week in our article How Much Further Could Gold in NZD Fall? we had a go at looking where gold might drop to if it was to fall further. Our gut reaction was that the recent price plunge was not over and done with and we could likely see at least a retest of previous […]

How Much Further Could Gold in NZD Fall?

Falling NZD Gold Prices

For buyers of gold and silver things have gotten a bit more complicated of late. In what was often already a confusing market, there’s an extra question to ask now. It’s not just what will the spot price of gold and silver do, but also what will the premium above spot that the wholesalers charge […]

Pleasure or Pain? Where to Now for Gold and Silver in New Zealand Dollars?

What are you experiencing? Pleasure or Pain? It probably depends on whether you own any gold or silver already (and also when you purchased it), or whether you’re intending to buy some in the near future. If you’ve bought in the past 2 years you could be experiencing some pain as you may well be […]

Gold to Silver Ratio: What Can We Expect Now After QE3?

This week: QEternity Aftermath Gold to Silver Ratio The High NZ Dollar Why Buy Gold? QEternity Aftermath So what’s happened since the announcement of QEternity? Well after a bit of a bump higher gold and silver just seem to be consolidating at the moment as you can see in the charts below. Gold seems to […]

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