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How Much Further Might Gold Fall – What About in NZ Dollars?

How Much Further Might Gold Fall - What About in NZ Dollars?

As we noted in another article this week gold has fallen further over the past week and is now at 5 years low in US dollar terms. As can be seen in the chart below: Gold Could Fall Further Yet in US Dollar Terms We wrote right back in 2011 that gold could well fall […]

3 Reasons Why Gold is Falling Again…


…And Our Thoughts on Each of Them Unless you’ve not been following the financial news you’ll have no doubt heard gold has taken (another) beating over the past few days. The headlines in the financial press have been about how it is at 5 year lows. Which is true in US dollars as per the […]

Gold & Silver in NZ Dollars: 2014 in Review & Some Prognostications for 2015


The New Year is here and the sun is shining across the length and breadth of New Zealand it seems! While many are still lazing on the beach, we take our usual look back at how gold and silver performed in NZ dollars during the past year. Then we’ll have a crack, as always, at […]

Just How Well Capitalised are New Zealand Banks?

Just How Well Capitalised are New Zealand Banks?

A thought provoking opinion piece appeared on Interest.co.nz this week by Dr Martien Lubberink, Associate Professor in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law at Victoria University. He looked at the somewhat differing opinions of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) on our largest banks and their […]

Dubai – City of Gold: A Visit to Dubai “Gold Souk”

A brief visit to Dubai this week gave us the chance to check out their famous Gold Souk or Gold Market. Like much of the east gold maintains an important role in society here. It is still a common form of saving – particularly in jewellery form much like in India, (who also happens to […]

Why the RBNZ is Wrong About Money

“The Reserve Bank plays an important role in the functioning of money. It provides the country’s notes and coins and works to keep prices stable. It also promotes, through regulation, the soundness of the institutions where people keep their money (like banks and many finance companies) and the soundness of the payments systems sitting behind […]

Another Gold Indicator Flashing Buy – 80% Gains Ahead?

We just read this interesting article from Stansberry & Associates Jeff Clark (not to be confused with Casey Research’s Jeff Clark whose articles we also sometimes feature). headlined: Gold Soared 80% the Last Time This Indicator Flashed “Buy” It got us thinking about how this same gold indicator might look for gold in NZ Dollars. […]

An Unconventional View on the Australian (and NZ) Dollar


We thought it was worth posting this article from Vern Gowdie of the Daily Reckoning Australia. While it actually references the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, its interest rate policy action of the past few months, and the New Zealand Dollar, this isn’t actually the reason we posted it. Rather it is for Vern’s view […]

Reader Question: “Why Bother With Technical Analysis if Gold & Silver are Manipulated?”

We received the below question from a reader a couple of weeks ago: “With all the evidence emerging of active manipulation of ALL markets, including precious metals, why would one bother with technical analysis at all? Doesn’t effective technical analysis rely on a market where buyers and sellers are rational participants? Participants that wouldn’t do […]

What Would Happen to the NZ Dollar When the US Dollar Collapses?: Reader Question

We had a couple of insightful questions from a reader this week. Thanks Francois. First up was: “Have you seen any (intelligent) analysis to indicate what would happen to the NZ Dollar when the US Dollar collapses?” Well we’ve made a few comments on this before although we’ll leave it up to you to decide […]

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